South Side Farms is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The organization was formed to address a Federal Food Desert in a residential community South of highway 74. This means that there is no reasonable access to affordable nutritious food.
100% of the youth at the local elementary school are eligible for free and reduced meals. 
Some of our children are dependent on school meals which has resulted some challenging summers  for a many families over the years.
South Side Farms is a community led and operated Urban Farm operation. We look to eliminate the food desert label and have a sustainable food source. Our first goal is to eliminate the federal food desert label. Secondly, is to provide education and training opportunities for families to learn how to prepare and eat healthy. Long term, as we continue our to scale this operation we look to one day have a locally operated grocery or restaurant.
Through the community’s prompt response and the endless collaboration from many of the local organizations and community leaders, South Side Farms continues to address the health disparities and work relentlessly to empower communities in Cape Girardeau and neighboring communities.
We impact the overall wellness in our community by:
  • Improving access to nutritious affordable food
  • Educating the public to produce, cook and eat health local foods
  • Strengthen the local food system
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices

Board of Directors

  • Interim chief operating officer / project director: Wyky Jean
  • Interim chief operating officer / treasurer: Jimmy Wilferth
  • Tina Wright
  • Lynn Ware
  • Greg Stroup
  • Bill Bird

Advisory Committee

  • Tae Moore
  • Eli Harris
  • Faith Richards
  • Nakiya Curry
  • Jay Garmon